Getting IT infrastructure right can be a lengthy process full of complications and challenges. At Gekko, we want to simply the process - making the complex as simple as possible.

Not only do we have world-class {link} people who are qualified to the highest CISCO standards, we’re able to provide infrastructure technologies such as Tegile, Cisco and more. With our GWAN+ solution through to scaleable data and unified comms solutions, we want to give you everything to keep your business on track in the quickest, easiest and most affordable way,

Intelligent Networks.

We’re delivering next generation networks to our customers with our GWAN+ solution.

Powered by CISCO, GWAN+ offers you faster connectivity with cost saving gains previously unthinkable.

Our CISCO trained specialists have in-depth knowledge in the deployment of networks all built on solid architecture using the latest technologies. Learn More

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Living in the Cloud.

The world of data is changing. Digital transformation means access to data needs to be fast, efficient and available 24/7. Fixed data centres are rapidly being replaced by cloud-based solutions - enabling a mobile digital workforce who demand information wherever they are working.

We understand the changing needs of the modern business. We help companies build data infrastructures that use Big Data to predict not react to the future.

We’ll help reduce the worry about data, leaving you to grow your business.

Communicate, simply.

Intelligent businesses are connected businesses. Using state-of-the-art telephony and unified communications tools, we’ll help you get more from your calls and systems.

From integrated web-conferencing through to intelligent phone answering, you’ll be closer to your customers than ever before.

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